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Baby Crib Functions

Dec 19, 2018
Portable Foldable baby Cot Bed

What is the function of the baby crib?

Today's baby cribs are very versatile, and if you have a visit to a baby crib store, you will find it dazzling. So, what is the function of the baby crib?

1. Foldable portable baby crib: It is folded by mechanical structure and folded into a compact baby travel travel bag, which can hold many baby products or other items, which is practical and convenient.

2, multi-functional baby crib: including a dual-use baby crib assembled with a detachable bookshelf; a baby crib that can be interchanged into a table, a chair, a shaker; a height-adjustable, easy-to-feed baby crib; can be converted into an adult Baby cot in the bed.

3. Smart baby crib with control: with microcomputer control and electromagnetic drive. With automatic swing, music hypnosis, wet alarm, timed reminder, voice control start, imitate heartbeat, body shaping, early education development and other 8 major functions.

4, pedal-type baby crib: the pedal is the driving device, the pedal is driven by the drawstring to shake the cradle, when not used, the pedal can be hung, the structure is simple and easy to use.