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Baby fence prevents misuse

Oct 30, 2019

When parents can't take care of them at all times, most people choose a baby fence to set a safe place for their children. However, in some cases, the baby fence is also dangerous, to prevent misuse:

1.Don't lower the side of the grid fence, the child will climb into the pocket formed by the loose grid fence, trapped inside and cause suffocation.

2.Once the child learns to sit, remove all the toys attached to the fence to prevent the child from getting involved.

3. When the child can stand on his own, he must remove all the boxes and big toys that he can use to climb out of the fence.

4. Children who are growing teeth often bite off large pieces of vinyl or plastic covering the handrails of the fence, so you should periodically check for cracks and voids. If the crack is small, repair it with a solid piece of cloth; if the gap is large, it needs to be replaced.

5. Be sure that the mesh is not torn and that the mesh opening is less than 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) in diameter to prevent the child from getting stuck inside. The distance between the wooden fences should not exceed 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) to prevent the child's head from getting stuck in the gap.

6. Closed fences around the perimeter are very dangerous if you use an accordion-like fence. Because the child's head will be trapped in the diamond-shaped gap of the fence, or in the V-shaped crack in the upper part of the fence. Do not use this fence at home or outside.