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Baby Mattress Guidelines For Buying the Right One

Nov 29, 2019

New parents often try to find the best for their baby when shopping for nursery items. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out just what is best because standards are changing all the time. When it comes to choosing crib mattresses a parent can get really confused. There are standard plastic covered mattresses and then there are other mattresses. How can a parent even begin to choose one since each says they are the best? The first place to start is to look at the current baby mattress guidelines and then look for those that are getting the best-rated reviews and show they are proven safe.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission releases information that can be helpful to parents when they are choosing any baby item. Baby guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission state that a mattress needs to fit tightly within the crib and needs to be a firm, solid mattress. The reason for these guidelines is all about keeping a baby safe. A mattress that fits snuggly in the crib leaves no space that a baby could roll into and get stuck. A firm mattress with no excess bedding has also been proven to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The whole idea of baby mattress guidelines is to provide the baby with a place they can sleep that is going to keep them safe and not introduce any possible hazards.

It is simple to do a quick test to make sure a baby mattress is safe. First, look at labels and see if it has been rated safe bedding for babies. Also, try reading a review or two about the mattress that was written by other parents to see how they liked the product. Lastly, there is a simple test a parent can do by sticking two fingers between the mattress and side of the crib. No area should have more than a two-finger width space.

By following these guidelines a parent can ensure they will choose a baby mattress that will keep their baby safe. A safe rated mattress may not always look like the most expensive or best mattress, but when it comes to babies, safety should always be the first priority.