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Crib classification

Nov 01, 2019

A crib is a bed for infants and toddlers. The current style of cribs is varied, and the functions and prices are also very different. When choosing, pay attention to the principle of combining safety and practicality. There are also some safety hazards in the use of cribs. Parents should pay attention to them and eliminate hidden dangers in time. Whether the crib paint meets safety standards depends on whether it contains harmful components such as heavy metals and formaldehyde.

Cribs can be divided into: solid wood crib (painted and lacquer-free), bamboo crib, rattan crib, mixed cribs of various materials

There are two types of pine wood in China. New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris, New Zealand pine wood is soft and easy to plan, while Pinus sylvestris is hard and the finish is worse.

The new type is a bamboo crib, which has the advantages of: bamboo is harder and denser than wood, and has higher compressive and flexural strength; clear grain, beautiful surface, natural color, pleasant bamboo, elegant texture; bamboo is not Dust accumulation, no condensation, easy to clean, avoid the breeding of cockroach bacteria, avoid the disturbance of insects; can automatically adjust the environmental humidity and moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, with the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer; bamboo has UV absorption The function is to make people feel comfortable when they are living indoors, prevent the occurrence and development of eye diseases such as myopia; absorb sound and sound, remove bass, suppress residual noise, effectively eliminate noise, and calm your mind. The disadvantage is that the bamboo is more cool, so the crib bed made of bamboo is best to use wood or wood, and the other parts are better.

Rattan cribs are currently produced infrequently in the country and are costly, especially wild vines.