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Crib purchase considerations

Nov 15, 2019

1.The fence spacing is too large, the child's body is easy to slide out; the spacing is too small, affecting the world outside the bed for children to observe, the standard fence spacing should be about 8cm.

2.The height of the fence fence should not be less than 60cm, the two sides of the fence, it is best to have a "sliding door" that is easy to pull up and down, so that it is convenient to care for the baby. But pay attention to check the firmness of the "sliding door" to prevent the baby from falling into bed.

3.The height of the bunk

When choosing a bed for your baby, you should also decide according to the height of your bed. The height of the baby bed should be on the same plane as the adult's bed after laying the mattress, or slightly lower than the adult bed, so that it is convenient for the mother. You can see your baby while sleeping in bed.

4.The thickness of the bed board, whether it can ensure that the baby is safely jumping on the play; the width of the joint between the position, between the bed and the bed, the guardrail and the bed, if there is more than 5mm, less than 12mm of the seam, which is 6- A distance of 11 mm is a dangerous gap and should be avoided.