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Cribs How to Choose

Nov 23, 2018
Trave Baby Cots

Use a hard mattress

For the sake of safety, it is necessary to ensure the fit of the mattress to the bed to ensure it is strong. There should be no gap between the bed and the mattress, follow the ‘one finger principle’. If you can put two or more fingers between the bed and the mattress, the mattress is too small. A mattress that is too small or too soft will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, stuck or suffocation.

Baby and parent are users

The guardrail height of the crib should be more than 50 cm. At this time, the child loves to move and is unstable, not afraid, especially dangerous. Make sure the railing clearance of the bed is less than 6 cm. Beyond this gap, it is possible that the child will get stuck in it. A bed that allows children to easily see the outside through the bed will give them more communication and comfort. The height of the guardrail should be adjustable so that parents can't be too hard to bend over to hold the child. The position of the bed should also be adjustable. After the child is standing, the bed can be lowered to ensure safety.

Make sure the bed itself is safe

Cribs often need to be lifted, so check the crib screws for looseness or loss, and the stability of the brackets and other hardware. When a baby reaches a long tooth, he likes to bite, and the bite-proof strip is very important. It protects the baby and protects the bed from being bitten. At the time of purchase, check that the railing can move easily and smoothly without noise. Wooden children's beds should be made of hardwood, such as maple, ash, eucalyptus or oak, colored with a safety-certified paint. The surface of the crib should be smooth with no sharp edges, spots and rough surfaces. Try not to choose a bed with a raised carved decoration, because it is easy to hook your child's clothes, and the child may collide when he tries to break free.