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Features of The Baby Mattress

Sep 10, 2019

Baby mattress refers to the mattress used by children under one year old. Because the baby in this stage of growth and development is particularly rapid, is the most vigorous growth and development in life, and the baby's body is relatively soft, if not careful it is easy to lead to stunted growth. So the mattress that the baby USES, should have higher standard, differ somewhat with adult. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the concept of a baby mattress has been widely known.

Features of the baby mattress:

1. Safety and environmental protection

The resistance of the baby is poor, and the baby mattress is the place where the baby stays for the most time, so compared with the ordinary mattress, the safety requirement of the baby mattress is higher, in order to protect the child's health and safety, the material of the mattress and the face cloth should ensure 100% environmental protection safety, the interior had better choose the absolute environmental protection natural milk material.

2. Proper hardness

The baby mattress should fit the baby's body, effectively support its body, prevent the baby's spine from deformation, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and be beneficial to the healthy development of the baby. Identify whether the mattress soft hardness is appropriate? Allow a baby weighing about 3kg to sleep on the mattress. If the mattress is pressed down with a depression of about 1cm, such a soft and hard degree is appropriate.

3. Reduce cranial deformation of infants

Protect the soft and unshaped skull of the baby, the baby mattress has the function of preventing the baby's head from pressing on the nerve endings of the brain, reducing the pressure on the baby's head, allowing the baby's head to move easily and freely, and preventing the head from changing and flattening.