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How much can a baby fence be used?

Oct 11, 2019

The baby fence is generally not used for more than one year old. Especially when the child learns to walk, if he walks slowly, the fence can not control him. The fence will be directly destroyed by him. At that time, the fence cannot be used to limit it. His activity space is up. When you use your child's fence, when you find that your child already knows how to destroy, you should slowly remove the fence or don't worry about the fence.

After the baby begins to learn to climb, giving him a fence can make a lot of time for his parents. Even if he looks at the child from time to time, he is not worried about the risk of safety accidents. But the fence is not so safe. When you buy a fence, you must first pick a product that will not pose a danger to him.

If the baby is fenced, he can wait until the child grows up and then remove it. Even if the parents don't remove it in time, the child will slowly learn to walk and he will destroy the fence. If the child has already broken the fence, it is best to put it in a lower place to prevent him from falling out of bed when he sleeps.