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How to choose a children's fence?

Oct 18, 2019

1.Workmanship details

Moms can compare the thickness, hardness, odor and touch of the fence (check to see if there is a raw burr.

I suggest that the soft and hard moderate, too hard, the baby will hurt when it hits, too soft to support and protect.


Mothers must pay attention to the material of the fence, the baby is young, the body function is not perfect, the resistance to the outside world is weak, and the curiosity makes them like to lick and bite the fence. So it is necessary to choose a safe product.

When selecting a fence, pay attention to the material as a food-grade safety material that has been tested by authority.


It is measured from the two aspects of ease of splicing and cleaning.

And there are a lot of small toys on the fence, which is not so easy to clean, which depends on which aspect the parents focus on.


I found that many fences are not fixed in one place, so the baby can't protect if he relies on it or falls down. There is also the fact that parents try to choose no screw splicing, otherwise the screw may hurt the baby if it is loose. A door lock design is required to prevent the baby from opening it.

5.Overall design

The height of the fence should be scientific, both to prevent the baby from turning out of the fence and not to cover the baby's sight. The interactive window should be reasonable to avoid getting stuck in the baby.