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How to choose a crib bed?

Nov 08, 2019

How to choose a crib bed?

1. Good wood

There are many kinds of cribs bed on the market, such as wooden, bamboo, and rattan. Pine wood is soft, even if the baby knock will not cause a lot of damage. Cedar is stronger and more resistant than pine. There are also birch, teak, ash is also a good wood, parents can comprehensively consider the choice. However, it is best to carefully look at the selection to avoid wood knots, especially at the bottom of the bearing parts, because there are wood knots easy to break.

2. The paint should be non-toxic

Cribs bed without spray paint tend to get damp and burr on the wood over time. So choose a crib bed that has been polished and painted to prevent burrs and damp. But the paint must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and parents can smell and see the ingredients when buying. In general, if the taste is more pungent to be vigilant, also can ask the seller and read the manual, understand the paint composition. Even if affirmatory it is environmental protection paint, new bed also should place 3 to 5 days in ventilated place after buying, wait for flavour to dissipate.

3. The structure should be safe

(1) the fence to fix, and 50 cm higher than the mattress, if the fence is too low, the baby is easy to fall down. The gap between the fence should not be more than 6cm. If it is too wide, the baby's small head and hands and feet can easily get stuck in it.

(2) the mattress should be closely combined with the bed frame, can not put apart the gap to prevent the baby is stuck or suffocated.

(3) the size of the bed to the right, parents do not want to save money and figure to save trouble for the baby to buy a crib is too big, the bed is too big easy to let the baby lose sense of security, sleep is not solid.

(4) bearing force at least 30kg above, otherwise once the bed surface fracture easy to hurt the delicate baby, the consequences are unbearable to imagine.

4. Keep it simple

The appearance of crib bed need not too flowery, do not need too much sculpture especially or pendant, the edge Angle that the sculpture of some head of a bed produces hurts baby easily. Therefore, parents should remember to touch back and forth with their hands several times to make sure that there is no sharp or burr bump, which can effectively prevent the baby from abrasions and bruises.

5. Don't make the mattress too soft

Adults may like to sleep soft and the mattress, but if the baby sleep too soft mattress, will affect the development of the spine, so the mattress is not too soft and too thick, general baby lying down down 1 cm can. The choice of mattess should have good ventilated pervious to water, be out of shape not easily, interior had better have hard support, exterior surface is a bit softer.