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How to choose a good baby crib?

Jan 04, 2019
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How to choose a baby crib?

1. Safety is the minimum requirement for a baby crib. Safety should always be considered first, and baby cribs must meet strict safety standards. China's 3C standard, ASTM F1169 in the United States, BS EN 716 in Europe, AS/NZS 2172 in Australia and New Zealand, the 3C standard is the lowest, and the other standards are high, suitable for infants.

2, the bed edge of the baby crib, try to choose a cylindrical fence, the distance between the two fences can not exceed 6 cm (this is the new standard number) to prevent the baby from sticking his head out from the middle. Some mothers prefer baby cribs with more complicated patterns and more carvings. In fact, such beds are not safe enough for children. Because the raised carvings on the bed rails or the bed are easy to hook up the children's clothing, when the child tries to break free, there is a possibility of collision and injury.

3, all surfaces of the baby crib must be painted with a protective layer to prevent cracking: the baby who is growing teeth likes to use the mouth to pick things up, so the bilateral crossbar of the bed edge must be equipped with a protective cover (anti-bite strip), parents should pay attention to baby cribs made of metal materials must not contain elements such as lead that are harmful to children. Railings, paints and other materials are non-toxic and do not contain heavy metals (such as lead, potassium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc.).

4. The plastic easy-to-tear pad around the baby crib can protect the baby's head. The pad must have at least six knots; keep the straps in the shortest length to prevent the baby from reaching the neck. Once the baby steps on the pad, the pad should be removed as they may become a stepping stone for the baby to climb out of the bed.