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How to choose baby mattress?

Sep 18, 2018
Soft Folding Baby Mattress

Softness of baby mattress

Don't look at the mattress brand first, but look at the material first. From the material point of view, the mattress has a soft and hard point. Generally, adults love to sleep in hard beds, because people have always been affected by this view: "sleeping on a hard bed, using a hard mattress" is a good habit of keeping your back and building your body. But experts caution that the hardness of the bed varies from person to person. In particular, infants and young children belonging to the growth and development period, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, will cause bone dysplasia, and even leave the hidden danger of "spine scoliosis." Therefore, pediatric experts recommend the use of medium-soft mattresses instead of the hard beds that are generally considered. The ideal mattress for infants and adolescents should consist of a soft upper and lower layer and a strong, firm and elastic intermediate layer. On the one hand, the middle layer can give the child's body the necessary support, and on the other hand, when it receives the pressure generated by the weight, it can be transmitted to the soft lower layer, thus holding up the child's body without causing spinal deformity.

Look at the material of the mattress

After determining the hardness of the mattress, look at the material of the mattress. It is important to note that you should not choose a hard or soft mattress for your child. A hard mattress can not properly support all parts of the body, but it will cause more serious chronic damage to the spine, especially in developing children. Once the spine is damaged, it will not only affect the long and physical appearance, but may even affect the internal organs. The development of the device. A mattress that is too soft, although it is comfortable to sleep, it is easy to fall and it is difficult to turn over.