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How to choose baby mattress?

Sep 26, 2019

Prepare a suitable mattess for newborn baby, be helpful for its fall asleep more quickly, improve sleep quality, one of the important factors is the quality and thickness of its mattess, so how to choose the mattess of newborn baby?

Sleep quality is not high to the baby's physical and mental development will directly impact, newborn babies sleep quality of high and low and mattress comfort, room temperature and humidity have a lot to do, to prepare a bed for the baby body normal development, improve the sleep quality of the mat, is the treasure treasure mom dad need to prepare the work ahead of time. According to the mattess of different material qualitative, parents should choose the temperature in the process of mattess according to the home, humidity, seasonal characteristic will choose.

The cushion core of mattess is the core part of mattess, should choose soft and hard appropriate sponge mattess to infantile mattess, cold sponge for instance, it can have good support effect to the spinal column of the child, and be helpful for the contact of the skeletal development of new-born, soft head. Pay attention to the thickness of mattess even in addition, it is advisable to be in 6 centimeters or so commonly.

Babies should sleep more than 14 hours a day and at least 10 hours as they grow. In the process of sleep for a long time, the mattress will, according to the child's sleeping posture and urine situation appears that children are not comfortable, so, choose the mattress to choose bibulous effect is better, breathable and comfortable cushion, the flexibility to meet the children's needs, in order to make sure the kids to bed will not appear in the process of convulsions, crying, and so on and so forth.