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How to clean crib bed?

Jan 22, 2019

How to clean the crib bed?

Your baby always needs more care. An unsanitary environment can easily breed bacteria and make your baby sick. At this time, the cleaning of the crib bed is very important. So how should we clean the crib bed?

1. Prepare a rag that is specially used to wipe the crib bed, and the material of the rag also has certain requirements: as soft as possible. Frequently use a cloth dampened with water to scrub along the streaks of the crib bed, after scrubbing, wipe with a dry cloth. The purpose of this is to remove the dust from the crib bed and at the same time give the baby a clean environment.

2, pay attention to the wipe, do not use any chemical cleaning agent, this is not good. Because the cleaning agents on the market have chemical substances, if they are left on the baby's bed, the baby will touch it, and it is easy to enter the baby's mouth, causing great hidden dangers. It is best to wash with water, this is the best.

3, we must regularly check around the crib bed and in all small corners, whether there are stings or a place that causes the baby to scratch. Try to grind it down and make it as smooth as possible!

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