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How to install baby crib?

Jan 04, 2019
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How to install the baby crib?

There are many different types of baby cribs on the market, and different types of cribs are installed in different ways. Below, let's take a look at how the baby crib is installed.

1. Pay attention to whether the connection hole distance between the bed plates is tight. The accurate hole position makes the bed assembly easier, and the operation is more convenient. It can better reflect whether the work of a bed is fine.

2. Do not place the children's bed near the window sill, the heating or the wall lamp, and do not install a bed that is shaded or airtight. In order to prevent the child from falling between the bed and the wall and being caught inside, it is best to put the bed against the wall. If the bed is placed along the wall, there is preferably no gap between the bed and the wall.

There are some baby cribs on the market that use synthetic panels at the bottom of the bed and are suspended inside the bed. Such a baby crib is dangerous. The active baby likes to jump in the bed, the bed board is easily stepped over or the bed bottom wood breaks, which causes the baby to fall out of bed. Most of the qualified baby cribs use iron bed bottoms and solid wood bed bottoms. There are strict requirements on the connection design between the bottom of the bed and the bed and the connecting hardware used. Generally, the embedded or hanging connection is adopted. A baby crib with wheels must pay attention to whether there is a safety brake on the wheel and the brake is secure.

Before buying, it is best to consult whether there is an installation manual. Under normal circumstances, the merchant will be equipped with an installation manual for parents to install reference. More considerate merchants will also make some videos of the actual operation of the baby crib, which can usually be installed as long as they are done. Even brand stores with better after-sales service will arrange after-sales service personnel to deliver the goods to the door and install them for delivery to consumers.