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Safety standards for cribs

Nov 07, 2019

The bearing capacity of the bed board is not less than 30kg: the average weight of the baby is 30.5kg for the three-year-old baby; the connection between the bed board and the bed body needs to be firm and stable. Cribs can be made up of iron or solid wood bed boards, usually in either embedded or suspended connections.

The internal height is not less than 30cm; when the bed is at the highest position, the top surface of the bed (including the mattress) should be at least 20cm away from the edge of the bed. When the bed is at the lowest position, the top surface of the bed (including the mattress) and the guardrail or bed The distance between the heads should be at least 50cm; otherwise there is a safety hazard for the baby to flip out of the crib.

The gap of the fence is 5cm-6cm: the distance between any two structural parts of the crib (fence gap) needs to be controlled at 5.2cm-5.8cm. If the gap is too small, it is easy to get stuck in the baby's fingers, fists, feet, etc. The body part; if the gap is too large, the child's head may be in danger of sticking out.

Multi-section or 3-section height adjustment of the bed: The baby's body develops very quickly, and the height of the bed can meet the growth needs of the baby and ensure the safety of the baby's use of the crib.