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Type of Crib Bed

Oct 28, 2019

Crib with the material to distinguish, roughly divided into the following three categories:

Crib made of rattan:

This kind of crib at present domestic production is few, compared with other material, its cost is very high, especially wild vine.

Solid wood crib:

Solid wood bed: made of two kinds of pine, New Zealand pine and camphor pine. New Zealand pine wood is softer and easier to polish, while camphor pine is harder and less polished. In the meantime solid wood crib has lacquer and have no lacquer two kinds again, suggest mothers choose to have lacquer and the crib that is water lacquer. Because wooden furniture without paint, affected by damp easy mildew crack, affect the surface smoothness, will eventually hurt the baby's hands.


Water lacquer is to be diluent with water, the coating that does not contain organic solvent, do not contain benzene, toluene, formaldehyde to wait for a kind of harmful material environmental protection waterborne coating.

Bamboo crib:

Now relatively new is the bamboo crib, bamboo than wood is harder and denser. Its anti - pressure anti - bending ability is also higher, at the same time color natural, not easy dust, convenient cleaning. Bamboo type crib is free of insects and insects. It can adjust humidity and resist humidity. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. But the cool sex of bamboo is heavier, so board of this kind of crib bed needs to use wooden plank or plank.