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What are the details of the selection of the fence?

Oct 24, 2019

1.Smooth corner

After selecting the style, the parents first check whether there are burrs on the edge of the fence. Whether it is the top or the bottom, check carefully and trim the edges smoothly. So as not to hurt the baby's delicate little hand

2.Should not be too short or too high

When selecting the fence, parents should also note that the fence must not be too short or too high. If it is placed in the bedroom, consider whether the bedside table crib and other items are blocked or unusable. Do not occupy the passage or other furniture functions. The location, which hinders normal activities, must be moved from time to time, which is very inconvenient. Too short will make it difficult to guarantee safety.

3.Material environmental protection

Parents also need to pay attention to the national 3C certification and other authoritative certifications to ensure that the baby does not have any health problems. In addition, we must choose a brand with a guaranteed quality. If it is a plastic material, the higher the edible safety level, the better, and the baby will inevitably be curious.

4.Strong structure

Last but not least, the structure of the frame is solid. The suction at the bottom of the fence is subject to professional testing and has a strong suction. The fence has the function of helping the baby to walk. When the baby walks on the edge of the fence, the fence must ensure that it cannot slide greatly, and the baby will not fall.