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What are the options for the selection of cribs?

Nov 13, 2019

1.Try to choose solid wood material, natural non-toxic, fir board is better than pine board, not easy to deform, long use time, no harm to the baby.

2.Painting problems

(1) The problem of painting outside the bed, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, self-measure, because the baby loves to bite things, ordinary paint is toxic, absolutely not, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but after all, it is a chemical.

(2) The same is true for wood, there will be taste, and glue that sticks to wood; if it is not painted, it is easy to have burrs to hurt the child's tender skin. This should be considered clearly.

3.The amplitude of shaking

For newborn babies, the swing can't exceed 25 degrees. This function is nothing more than calming the baby's mood and is good for sleep. If the swing is not good, it is not good to imagine that the child's brain is the same as the tofu.

4.Bed size and height

According to your own situation, whether the bed needs to be adjusted up and down, according to the height of the adult, the bed is about 45 cm from the ground. It is inconvenient to bend the baby to change the diaper. If it is too low, the air is dirty and dusty, which is not good for the baby. .

5.This is generally used to 2-3 years old, many beds are written with practical age, can not help but 6 years old, 8 years old children, in fact, can not sleep, because of the small space, unfavorable children turn over.

6.Sleeping position

(1) For a two-year-old baby, it is safer to use a crib. It is more dangerous to sleep with the parents. In the infant death factor, the sudden death caused by sleeping with the parents is the majority.

(2) However, I can be with my parents when I am 4 years old. I am good at cultivating feelings, telling stories and singing, and letting him fall asleep, giving him a good childhood. If he is older, he will start to have a separate cot and cultivate his personal abilities.