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What are the types of cribs?

Nov 05, 2019

A crib is a bed for infants and toddlers. The current style of cribs is varied, and the functions and prices are also very different. When choosing, pay attention to the principle of combining safety and practicality. There are also some safety hazards in the use of cribs. Parents should pay attention to them and eliminate hidden dangers in time. Whether the crib paint meets safety standards depends on whether it contains harmful components such as heavy metals and formaldehyde.

1.Foldable portable crib:

It is folded by mechanical structure and folded into a compact baby travel travel bag, which can hold many baby products or other items, which is practical and convenient.

2.Multifunctional crib:

These include dual-use cribs assembled with detachable bookshelves; cribs that can be interchanged into tables, chairs, and shakers; cribs that are height-adjustable for easy feeding; and growing cribs that can be converted into adult beds.

3.Smart crib with control:

With microcomputer control and electromagnetic drive. With automatic swing, music hypnosis, wet alarm, timed reminder, voice control start, imitate heartbeat, body shaping, early education development and other 8 major functions.

4.Pedal crib:

The pedal is a driving device, and the pedal is driven by the pulling rope to sway the cradle. When not in use, the pedal can be hung, and the structure is simple and convenient to use.

5.Pillow crib

Through the unique "匚" type skeleton design, the "small bed" is stacked on the big bed by the idle edge of the big bed, so that the baby can sleep with the parents and have independent sleeping space, which is convenient for the mother to take care of feeding at night.