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What determines the price of a crib?

Oct 17, 2019

The factor that decides crib price is very much, basically introduce the following:

1. Wood cost: the type of wood is different, and the price is several or ten times different. The length of wood is also the main factor of the price. Ou shi or the long makings that beautiful type bed USES so much, the price wants tall relatively, Chinese style crib USES short makings more, so the price is cheap.

2. The price difference between solid wood and board is very big. Some boards are allowed to be used in the crib.

3. Man-hour cost: the price difference between plate and solid wood is not only, but also the simple processing of plate and less man-hour.

4. The appearance of the product determines the price: beautiful appearance, complex modeling, more materials and labor, several times or more than the simple modeling.

5. Production process and details. This is more complex, the flow of solid wood should differ a dozen or dozens of working procedure than the flow of plank, fine and common craft also differs a lot on the flow that processes and manpower cost. The assembly method is not easy to see in online shopping, which is also more important in the process. If the factory has installed part of the connecting hardware during production, it will be very easy to install after you buy it. Otherwise, it will take some time for customers who do not often assemble it and have poor manual ability.

6. Surface paint: NC paint, water-based paint, wood wax, the price and cost of several times to dozens of times. NC paint and waterborne paint have mature paint production lines or spraying equipment, which can be mass produced with less labor and labor costs. Wood wax is the need for complete manual polishing and polishing, not only the cost of oil than paint ten times, the labor cost is also ten times.

7. The prices of hardware accessories and packaging are usually 30% to 40% different.