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What is the size of baby crib?

Dec 20, 2018
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What size is the baby crib?

When choosing a baby crib, the material and function of the baby cribs are generally concerned, but they don't care about the size of the crib. In fact, whether the size of the baby crib meets the requirements has great safety significance. If the size of the baby crib does not meet the standard, there are likely to be various safety hazards that make it difficult for parents to prevent. So, what size is the baby crib?

1, should not be too high: the guardrail of the cradle should not be higher than 35cm, otherwise it is not convenient to hold and put the baby.

2, should not be too short: the bed surface should not be too short, such as less than 50cm, then adults squat, hold the baby when you need to bend deeply, double hard. Moreover, the dust close to the ground is also vulnerable to reptiles, rats, and pets.

3, should not be too wide: the width of the bed should not exceed 75cm, the baby crib needs to move flexibly between the bedroom, living room and dining room. After the width exceeds 75cm, it is inconvenient to enter and exit the door. (The standard door frame is 80cm and the door thickness is about 4cm. Considering the machining error and the necessary clearance, 75cm is the upper limit of the width.)

4, should not be too long: the length of the bed should not exceed 1.2m. The width of the bedroom is generally about 3m, the big bed is 2m, and the rest is the location of the passage or wardrobe and table. The location of the baby crib is next to the big bed. There are bedside tables, dressing tables, stools, etc. It takes 80cm to consider the passage and opening the door and opening the drawer. Therefore, if the length of the baby crib exceeds 1.2 m, it will occupy the position of the passage or other furniture function, hinder normal activities, and must be moved from time to time, which is inconvenient.

5, the baby crib generally needs to set up a guardrail, the wooden length of the guardrail, if more than 60mm, will make fall off the child or pinch the head, the gap between the baby cribs in the United States is 50mm.