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Which baby crib to buy?

Dec 19, 2018
Baby Trave Cot

What material is good for the baby crib?

Different types of baby cribs are made of different materials. Even for the same brand of baby cribs, baby cribs of different materials have been developed to meet the different needs of parents. So, what kind of material is the baby crib to choose?

1, solid wood baby crib. There are two types of pine wood in China. New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris, New Zealand pine wood is soft and easy to plan, while Pinus sylvestris is hard and the finish is worse. The solid wood baby crib is also available in either lacquered or unpainted. If the expectant mother is worried that the paint's solid wood baby crib will have a paint taste that will affect the baby's health, consider buying an unpainted solid wood baby crib.

2. Bamboo baby crib. The advantages of bamboo baby cribs are: bamboo is harder and denser than wood, with higher compressive and flexural strength; clear lines, beautiful board surface, natural color and elegant texture; bamboo is not dusty, condensation, easy to clean, avoid The breeding of cockroach bacteria eliminates the disturbance of insects; it can automatically adjust the humidity of the environment and resist moisture, has low thermal conductivity, and has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer; sound absorption, sound insulation, bass removal, residual pressure, effective cleaning Sound, but also your peace of mind. The disadvantage is that the bamboo is more cool, so the baby crib bed made of bamboo is best to use wood or wood, and the other parts are better.

3, rattan baby crib: At present, the domestic production of rattan baby cribs is still relatively small, because the cost is relatively high, most ordinary families will not choose.